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You could opt for “Super deformed”.


That looks like a corset. Underbust corset exists, too, apparently. The whole thing reminds me a bit of dressage clothing.


It doesn’t look like a corset to me. I did look for other pieces of clothing that use “underbust”, but couldn’t find anything consistently named.


I second the proposal to tag it as an underbust corset. It lacks a traditional corsetry binding (such as laces), but it certainly has the form of one nevertheless, so even if it might not be technically a corset, I reckon it’s the closest we can get without more angles to try to determine if it’s something else.


The form of a corset…? I don’t know about that… And it certainly doesn’t have the function of a corset either. It’s simply a variation on a top, styled like a double-breasted coat.


Hmm, perhaps you and I are seeing different things, facilitated by the illusion created by the positioning of her arm. It seems to me now that you’re describing the entirety of her topwear—both the white, short-sleeved shirt visible above her arm, and the brown, double-breasted piece visible below it—as a single item, similar perhaps to the item of clothing worn in Post № 7511082. Contrariwise, I was viewing the white and the brown pieces as two separate items: a white shirt worn beneath a brown… whatever it is that we were trying to find a name for, which I interpreted as some stylized variation on an underbust corset, similar perhaps to the array worn in Post № 7505210.

As stated in my previous post, though, I’m not sure we can really be sure without a complementary image showing her with her arm otherwise positioned. :pensive:


Here is another image of the character I posted before:


Okay, that’s even weirder than I imagined. Never seen anything like it before, but on a hunch I did a search for ‘underbust vest,’ and it seems to be in line with what comes up. So… yeah, I guess unless and until someone else discovers an existing tag, just tag it with both of those tags (underbust and vest), and maybe create underbust_vest if you’re so inclined.


^Okay. lol
Anyway, any idea how these clothes and hat are called?

Also, the [paper_cup] ( tag exists, but is there one for the cupcake kind of cup? Like here:


I’ve variously heard those called cupcake liners and baking cups, but neither appears to have an existing tag.

Speaking of things with dumb names…

I checked the tag on some off-brand ones last time I went shopping and saw them using the generic name ‘hat scarf,’ a term that might be more generally applicable outside of just the ones with animal paws.


Can confirm by baking-enthusiast sister that these are called cupcake liners.


What about this thing the character is using to grab the slice of pizza?


My question is in the comments:


Gelbooru has copyright and character tags for it.


Thanks you very much.


What is the name for this bubble effect?

Edit: I still want to know the name of the outfit and hat these cat things are wearing (and the thing they’re holding):
I found an image of real people wearing the same stuff, but it doesn’t help me since I don’t know the name of the event:

Edit: Haven’t found the name for those clothes yet, but I now know those are Shinto priests, or kannushi.

Edit 2: Found the name to everything in the Wikipedia article for Kannushi:


Looks to me like it’s just a particularly-stylized bokeh.


I guess, but I kinda want an specific name for them either way.


I need the name of this character. I also only assume she is a GBF one:


Could it be this character?