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The only problem I see with that is where there might be multiple characters attending the same unnamed school. In that case, which character do you choose to use in the tag?


Looking for the name of the tag to be used where two separate images show different angles of the same scene, I’m sure I’ve used it before. and child post for an example.


Would it be something like ‘alternate_view’? Unfortunately, not many images are actually tagged with that one.



As found in this post.


Two or more different pictures of the same character in an image.

The wiki seems to indicate that this is supposed to be used for multiple views within a single post, such as a video with jumpcuts or a picture with a collage of different angles. This is how I’ve always used the tag, but your example image certainly shows it being used the other way as well.

If there’s not a separate tag for the multiple posts usage, we should probably make one and disambiguate these, since they don’t seem close enough in usage to conjoin under a single tag.


You’re right. The correct tag seems to be alternative_perspective, though there are only 30 posts under that tag.

I remembered people talking about this before, so I went looking and I found the old version of this thread from around a year ago. It starts about halfway down, search for “multi.” (Side note: I love the new forum’s quote feature). I think someone actually brings it up a page or two earlier, and it probably continues further.

For more ideas on tags that have been used before, we can search the tag list page for various combinations of words. Here’s some ideas (they include empty tags):

What is the name of that thing that hair ornament is shaped after?
Edit: I also need a name for the object the hair ornament is based on here:
Also the kind of hat that boy in the arrow is wearing


Unrelated to the thread, but I was finally able to login to the forum through my PC again.

Edit: I created the tag replaced_audio for this post, but maybe there’s a better wording or a pre-existing tag for that?


A palette.

An ema.



Thank you very much.


I doubt it, but I wonder if the same shouldn’t also be applied to cases where a third-party audio provider covers the original author’s audio for a file? For example, in this post, SFMAudioForYou has replaced Yeero’s audio from the original post. Obviously I don’t believe this should apply in cases where the original post had no audio, but in the case where it did, would replaced_audio be warranted? Or should it be restricted to cases like Juan’s where audio is replacing something for parody?


I’m late for that discussion, but you are right. I originally created multiple_views but then created alternative_perspective too after deciding the wording for the former made more sense for a single image.


And do you know what is the type of hat she has on that second image? And if that kind of collar of her sailor shirt has an specific name?

Also, @Anastasia found the name of that kind of hat in that McCree pic, it’s a Jeonrip:

We have to look up for the other stuff in that image.

Found this:

Edit 2: Finally, found this:


What do you call a butt appearing flat from impact? For example when someone’s going balls deep or when an ass is pressed against a wall or something.


Dunno, never thought of anything like that.


Oooh, this is nice info. Thanks so much! :blush:


You’re welcome :blush:


If I had to make up a tag for that, it’d probably be ass_squeeze, but that tag is in use, and seems to be the same as ass_grab, but, since there’s less than 100 posts and no wiki, you could probably re-tag everything and fill in the wiki yourself.

Or you could just do flat_ass or tight_ass (which also has an undefined wiki), and it might include ass_close-up as well.

I don’t think better tags than those already exist; I looked a couple pages into the *ass* and *butt* search results, as well as *_ass* and *ass_*.


Sorry, no idea. Actually, I don’t think the sailor-style collar is called anything other than sailor-style collar. Sailor shirts for girls are sometimes called middy blouses, but in this picture, it’s it specifically not a middy blouse.


Thanks. I found ass_press which is not perfect but a lot of the posts tagged are what I’m looking for.


I need a tag for this art style:
I know it’s technically chibi, but it’s very picture book-y.

Edit: I kinda want a name for this kind of vest that doesn’t cover the breasts too: