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Just realized I never got a reply to this.

Also, as for post #7455165, how do I call these?
b356d88db20de09a25270ec095cefeb4_1 b356d88db20de09a25270ec095cefeb4_2

Also, about that post, does that purple light count as chromatic_aberration?


The second picture is dimples_of_venus.

The first, I get a lot of similar depictions by simply searching for ribs.



What about this question?


It doesn’t look to me like it qualifies, but honestly I could see it argued either way. Without similar posts by the artist of the same characters/scene, it’s hard to tell.

Absolutely no idea as regards this, sadly; I’d never even heard of a croquette before now. :frowning:


I looked up Japanese croquettes and they actually look like that.


Nevermind, I think it’s a sweet potato. I just noticed the red peel:

Edit: Since card games usually divide cards by type/element/class/rarity/etc., should we make tags for those things? Like type_(card) and so forth.


I kinda want a tag for Kurumi’s fringe:
Also for how her skirt enhances her breasts and for her sleeping pose.


Is there a name for this kind of hat/glove hybrid?


That’s a good question. I’ve always called them ‘spirit hoods,’ but I feel this is probably influenced by the prominence of the SpiritHoods trademark in America, and I don’t know if this is a universal genericization. It’s worth noting, however, that at least some articles from major publishers do use the term generically, and the similar tag spirit_hoodie is used for a single image [nsfw] on Sankaku Channel (even if it isn’t quite the same thing).

So yeah, I’d recommend using spirit_hood for the time being, unless and until someone can recommend a better generic term.


This is a major long shot, but…

Notice the way the girls are squatting in these photos:

The position they’re in means that their calves and thighs are squashed against each other and the flesh is pushed outwards (giving the impression that their calves and thighs are wider).

Is there a name for this phenomenon? Either an English or a Japanese one?


^Never saw any tag like that

But I need a tag for how the character in the bottom left is simplified compared to the one in the middle. I hadn’t even noticed her before:

Edit: are those cherry blossoms? Or another kind of flower?
I don’t even know if that kind of question applies to this thread.


I’ve been looking for a tag like this for ages; I’m really not sure there is one. Probably should be, though.


If anyone knows specific names for the type of Neoconfucian magistrates’ hat and robes worn in this image, kindly let me know!

Edit: Furthermore, does anyone knows how to describe the red cloth around the waist here?


Hey, now that I can login to the new forum, I thought I might try re-asking my question here.

Does anyone know of a way to limit a search to pictures that are in pool, while still using other tags? The new sites book search would be perfect, but it doesn’t seem to get tags from images, just the overall books, and those tags don’t seem to be populated yet. Similarly, pool:any will get you images that are in pools, but fails when combined with anything else. Pool:* will get you something though it’s list is in a different order than pool:any and seems to include some images that aren’t in pools; it also fails when combined with any other tags.

Would that be a sash?


Thanks! You might try posting your question as a new topic in the Support category, with the sankaku-channel tag. :slight_smile:


Done. Does this look good?


(Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been unable to log on to the forum on my PC after cleaning up the memory and forgot I was still logged in on my phone)

Maybe we could create one? I can’t think of a name, though.

Thanks. Can’t help with your questions, though.

Edit: I was thinking of creating a tag for swimsuits made to look like lingeries (specifically, lingerie_swimsuit or lingerie_bikini). I think [this one] ( applies. What do you guys think?
I was also wondering if there’s a generic name for tiger/zebra-like stripes.


I initially thought to use background_character, based on that style’s use for such in anime, but it seems to be used for some other ill-defined purpose. Could still repurpose it from its 9 posts, or we could go with something like simplified_character.

You’ve got my vote. lingerie_swimsuit (or maybe lingerie_swimwear?) seems the better of your proposals for being more general, unless you wanted to create both with an implication, but that might be overkill unless there’re a lot of these that have just escaped my notice.

Not to my knowledge, sorry.


@Anastasia Thanks for your feedback. (too lazy to quote your post right now lol)

Also, there’s phallic_symbol, but what about [phallic_creature] (


There’s penis_monster, but it’s not much used. I have to wonder if there’s something better, but it’s what I’ll recommend for now.


^Eh, doesn’t sound too good, but it’ll have to do
I was gonna tag this shimamura_uzuki_(cosplay) and shibuya_rin_(cosplay), but then I realized they’re just wearing the same uniform, as if they went to the same school (they’re also older versions of the characters tagged), so I was wondering if it would make sense, in series like Idolmaster where the characters seem to go to multiple unnamed schools, to create tags in the format [charactername]'s_school_uniform.