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This thread is designed to carry over the focus of Mayasein’s thread from the old Channel forum.

The goal of this thread is to help users find the tags to describe things which they do not know how to describe, or for which they do not know the name. If you’re searching for something specific, but don’t know what it’s called, you might post an example here, in the hopes someone might know what tag or tags to search for to find other examples. Or, if you’re attempting to tag an image which contains something you don’t know how to tag, you might post it here to seek community assistance in tagging it.

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Hello there. What happened to the “nipple_erection” tag?

The Technical Problem Thread

That tag was aliased to erect_nipples.


(Reposting from the SanChan forums)
Is there a tag for this claw glove thingy?


claw_(weapon) should suit your purposes, alongside gloves.


Also, is there a tag for how she’s standing on her legs + one hand?


I know not of one specifically, though perhaps someone else does; considering she appears to be crawling or walking in such a position, and that being the reason one hand is raised, I’d personally consider it all_fours, even if it doesn’t strictly meet its criteria as described on its wiki.


Eh, that sounds wrong.
Anyway, is there a tag for when a character wears a hat more or less on the side of the head? I created side_hat but that’s not really a good wording. What would be better?


Maybe tilted_hat sounds better if that one doesn’t exist yet?


^It does, but I’m not sure if it’s used for the exact same thing.
Anyway, is there an equivalent for hair_slicked_back but only half of the fringe? Like the two characters here. And while we’re at that, is there a tag for the type of gloves Arisa (darker hair) is wearing?


A hat being on the side is just a hat tilting extremely to the side, I think?
They’re too similar. ahahaha


For the hair, asymmetrical bangs comes to mind.

Gloves and white gloves seem to be enough here, considering the covering area. Unless you mean the sewing pattern, which I do not know.


Also, I know there’s fingerless_gloves, but is there a tag for gloves that don’t cover the fingers at all (or at least doesn’t go between the fingers)? Example.


They look like glovettes.


I’d say fingerless gloves is enough, don’t think anyone would search for such specific tag anyway. The only thing I can think of that doesn’t cover fingers at all is an arm warmer or some type of cuff, which clearly isn’t depicted in your mentioned example.

Edit: Actually, SanyaScarlet’s mentioned glovelettes look pretty accurate, though it seems nobody ever used such tag.


Do we have a tag for Spider-Man’s mask used as a design element, as it is on Mary Jane’s shirt here [nsfw]? I tried looking for spider-man_mask, spider-man_face, spider-man_(logo), &c., but wasn’t able to find anything.


I think we should use spider-man_mask_(symbol) or something like that. lol
And use spider-man_(symbol) for his spider symbol, btw.


How should I tag Arisa’s (left) arms, is there a tag for that? lol
reaching_out_to_another? Or would it count as incipient_hug?


Outstretched hand.


Outstretched hand .