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This thread is meant to be a continuation of thetiby’s thread from the old forum, for discussion and feedback specifically related to the Sankaku Channel Beta at

For feedback not directly related to the Beta, search the feedback category or create a new thread.

As always, please be respectful. Things got way too heated in the old thread, with many personal attacks being lobbed at those responsible for or defending aspects of the Beta’s design. This forum has a great moderation staff and an effective flagging system. Please don’t make people use it.

Summary of feedback so far:

General feedback:

Specific feedback:



I’ve attempted in this summary to discard complaints that have since been resolved; if I missed anything that’s still outstanding, or if I’ve included anything that’s since been fixed, forgive my human error, and please let me know in a post! On the other hand, if an issue you’re having has already been documented, there’s no need to create additional posts about it unless you have specific information to add that has not already been brought up. Do what you can to keep this thread on-topic, easy-to-follow, and relevant to the Beta—that way it will be the most helpful to those with the power to address these issues! :grin:

No longer allowed to blacklist tags?
[BETA] No way of skipping pages

every time i try to change the date tag i get the message “No results found”

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Added to the list; this is a known bug that has been fixed internally, and will be rolled out to the public once its stability is confirmed.


In both the Beta site and the apps, direct links for Pixiv posts don’t redirect you to their permalinks. And blacklist lines with multiple tags don’t work on them either.


This is already in the list.

Can you reconfirm this? Multiple tags in a single line are working for me—but having multiple lines is not.


Merged from the old Channel forum:


Yeah, it seems it was already fixed (NSFW)
I blacklisted furry with some exceptions. lol

Edit: Nevermind, I checked and it seems those two posts were only blacklisted because they have other tags I blacklisted.

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Edit: I just found out you can still get to the chan forum from the beta site, phew)
Whats the point of all these sfw threads, and also didnt the old forum have “chan” in the URL, so was that just scrapped and we now have to deal with all the non-chan sankakucomplex users too? Why couldnt we keep our own forum? And wheres the tag aliasing threads, the contributor guides etc? As i said before so much of the new stuff seems useless. Cant we aknowledge this was a mistake and go back to the better model?


Old main forums regulars used to and still browse those images when at work. No adblocks back then and even the ads aren’t SFW so browsing images here when on their free time was much better. Practice carried over from the old one to this one.

didnt the old forum have “chan” in the URL, so was that just scrapped

That was the forums for the chan. It’s still around so no and and maybe not yet. It has a lot of useful information and data that’s why it’s still around.

we now have to deal with all the non-chan sankakucomplex users too?


Why couldnt we keep our own forum?

Managing a single forum is easier.

And wheres the tag aliasing threads, the contributor guides etc?

In the chan’s forums. Make them if you feel like it.

As i said before so much of the new stuff seems useless.

It takes some getting used to. Good luck.

Cant we aknowledge this was a mistake and go back to the better model?


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ok, thanks for the answers

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Hello developers of Sankaku Channel Beta. I very much like your service, thank you for providing it. I especially like the “Recommended Images” under each image idea, I think this is very well implemented and useful.

I have some (hopefully) constructive feedback/suggestions:

  • I think it would be nice to have a “watched images” feature similar to Derpibooru. This is similar to “subscribed items” except in three important ways: it is simpler than therefore easier to use, it can be added to automatically simply by clicking on a tag, it is implemented using local tag aliases and therefore easy on the servers. The way the plumbing of it works is that as part of ones account, there is a list of “watched” tags. One can then search “my:watched” and the search protocol interprets this as a union/OR search of all the tags in the “watched” list for my account. One can of course already do this using the current search bar (I keep a plaintext list of tags on my computer already) and “~” but as a “quality of life” feature this is huge, because being able to effectively “favorite” a tag means that the website does all the heavy lifting in terms of remembering tags, writing them down etc. Implementing subscribed items in general as “local aliases” would make the load on the server much easier too.

  • I think that in general, the website is too reliant on dynamic loading, not just in “search”. This makes using the website often jarring. For example, when I open this page:, it takes a moment for the images in the “Recommended” scrollbar to be fetched, which feels awkward. I think the original system of loading a few images and then letting users click the “next” button to fetch more is a better design philosophy.

  • As others have already asked, I would also like the ability to have “pages” instead of infinite scroll when using search. When you do implement this, please give us the ability to choose either:
    A: how many thumbnails are displayed per page
    B: maximum heights/widths for thumbnails and then allow thumbnails to fill the page
    As it’s currently implemented in the old chan, the thumbnails are kind of small and few are loaded per page. Thus those of us that are lucky enough to have large monitors are stuck squinting at the thumbnails and left with huge bits of useless whitespace. Please implement pagination in the new search in a way that avoids this.

Again, thank you for making this website; I’m making this post not to annoy you or complain, I’m doing it because I think it will help make the site even better.


More of a request then feedback, but how about a private bookmark/favorites section not unlike what Pixiv has?


I’m not sure how Pixiv works, but you can make all your Sankaku Channel favorites private on the settings page.


A start, but I was referring to making specific, individual favorites private.

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One more bit of feedback:
As the website is currently implemented, when one opens a new tab with a specific picture, the script doesn’t actually load pictures until the tab is focused and when it does it goes through several iterations of loading smaller versions of the desired picture before it displays the full one. This is bad in my opinion for two reasons:

  1. It causes more load on the servers as effectively 3-4 pictures are fetched (even if the first two/three are comparatively smaller) when only one picture fetch is actually desired by the user. Thus it is heavy on the servers and slows down the service.

  2. It means that the “smart” way of viewing multiple images (opening them in a background tab and letting the browser do all the heavy lifting in the background while you look for more) doesn’t benefit from parallelization.

Just my two cents.

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This is really one of my main issues with the site. I’m never browsing one image at a time; that workflow just doesn’t jive with me. I like to open a bunch of images at once, then go through them. This is great on legacy, but on the beta site it’s effectively impossible, just because having to wait for each tab to load on focus negates the prime advantage of opening tabs in the background.

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I want to add that all videos come up as super tiny (480?) instead of filling all the empty space around it. Can we have a “original size” option? Gotta squint to see any video.


No way of jumping to a particular page number in the beta version.

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This is fixed isn’t it?

This too.

Right now opening related images is broken. It messes up the url with [object Object].

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Doesn’t appear to be for me. The sidebar opens when I click the menu button, but clicking anywhere else automatically closes it again.

Marked as fixed; thanks.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. I assumed you had meant the recommended images based on the image you’re viewing, but this does not appear broken for me.