Can't create artist tag?



I’m trying to change an existing artist’s tag to reflect the name they currently post under (they have changed their name twice since the tag was originally made). However, when I try to do this, I always get the message “A technical problem has prevented the page from loading.” This also occurs when I try to create a new artist tag from scratch with the artist’s current name.

As far as I can tell, it’s not a server issue since others have created new artist tags since I started trying this. Please advise.


While I can’t really speculate on what causes the problem, aside from the fact that the artist tag might already exist, there’s not really any need to create an artist page. If you let me know what the existing tag is, and what it should be changed to, it can simply be added as a tag alias. :slight_smile:


The same thing is happening to me, I’m trying to add an alias to an artist and possibly some notes, but I get the same message as you do when I try. Did you ever figure out how to solve the problem?


Adding aliases on an artist page has never worked as far as I know.
I suppose the alias you want to add need to exist as a tag beforehand.
I must admit I rarely tried the feature though, but this may be worth a try.


Actually, that makes sense for the alias, I just wish the error message addressed it that way. I’m not gunna bother making a 2nd artist name just for the purposes of tagging an alias. I was only trying to connect the name, because through some of the media outlets the artist uses, he goes by a different name. Thanks for the reply, @Unkaar.


Don’t mind, glad it helped you.